One Lightsaber
Per Child

Do It Yourself, Luke

Not as clumsy or random as other DIY electronics kits, our LEDsabre is the epitome of science-fiction melee weapon elegance, and is not-in-any way endorsed by LucasFilm LTD, the Walt Disney Company, or any other science fiction intellectual property holders. The kit includes:

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Made in Somerville

Parts & Crafts is a hackerspace for kids and their friends. We run an alternative-to-school for kids who find themselves in persistent disagreement and conflict with the structures of traditional schooling. We run a drop-in, free community open-shop every Saturday for anyone, kid or grown-up, who wants to come visit and make something and use our tools and ask for our help. And we host the Somerville Tool Library!

We run afterschool programs and school-vacation camps for kids, all on a sliding-scale from free to slightly-expensive where we offer kids our particular combination of tools, advice, expertise, and autonomy, and encourage them to be as awesome as possible. We act as an event space for grown-ups -- we run periodic bike repair nights and crypto-parties and random other interesting events.

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Give one, Get one

We aim to provide each child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power, versatile lightsaber. To this end, we have designed a simple DIY kit from which any child can make their own. By constructing a lightsaber out of basic materials and electronics components, children learn to think of themselves as producers of technology.

One Lightsaber Per Child isn't really about ancient weapons (or hokey religions). It's about community and inspiration and curiosity. What children lack is not capability, but opportunity and resources. Put this ultra-low-cost, powerful, rugged, elegant tool in their hands and contribute to making a more civilized world.

If you buy a lightsaber kit at the give-one-get-one price, you are helping us continue to make our programming accessible to all children. You are giving kids who wouldn't otherwise have it a chance to do something awesome, make something awesome, and to learn to think of themselves as doers and makers of awesome things.

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Open Hardware

All of our instructions are open source projects licensed under the CERN Open Hardware License, version 1.2.


Printed instructions for kit assembly come with the kit, but a digital version is available here too



The kit contains some pieces that we have manufactured or prepared in some way. Instructions for making all of the kit components yourself can be found here.